Leavesden Road
Watford, Herts
 WD24 5ER
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Leavesden Road Baptist Church (LRBC) was founded in 1896 by members of Beechen Grove Baptist Church in the centre of Watford, to serve the rapidly developing area to the north of the town.

The town of Watford and our area has changed considerably over the years. So has the local community and its needs. The Church has sought to adapt its premises and the services offered to met the needs of the local community. A plan for a major re-purposing of the premises was initiated in 2017, to provide a modern worship space and modern facilities for various activities. Unfortunately, just at the point that the development plans were about to be submitted for planning approval, Watford Borough Council initiated a request to Historic England that the premises be considered for Grade II listing. Historic England decided to recommend such listing, which was approved by the Secretary of State. The effect of that decision was to halt the development as planned. With no realistic prospect of financing an alternative development plan, and because of the loans already taken on, in anticipation of their repayment under the original, now-thwarted development plan, the Church relucatantly decided that it had no feasible option but to close as a Church.